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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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that today. 70s pop out towards the east and so this system will continue to spin if you're up toward the north and you have a lot of rain. otherwise, cloudy conditions. there's also a lot of clouds around. you can see how the rainfall is picking up. so eventually this will be mostly gone. patchy fog here in the morning, mild to warm, highs in the upper 60s to a few low 70s. take a look at see if more rain will be coming up next week. good morning to you. right now, traffic is off to a nice start in most areas. let's go out and take a look at some of these pictures, northbound 101. approaching the 80 ease split, no major problems there. the morning commute is looking good. if you're driving up northbound to 17. the morning drive is not that
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at the macarthur maze. >> we're following developing news from overnight. a homicide investigation is now underway in san francisco. >> reporter: good morning, pam. a murder investigation all unfolding directly underneath the bay bridge. i'll step out of the way. this is main street between bryant and harrison. the police department has gathered and they're investigating investigating investigating the coverer of a body of a person who has been shot our sources are sharing with us that we believe this is a service worker of some kind, a utility worker who is the victim in this case. we're still attempting to speak with san francisco police and have that confirmed, but we do know that a person has been shot here at this scene.
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we did show some video here. we got video hopefully we can show you of a body that was sitting on the sidewalk here. this is on main street, again, between bryant and harrison. we saw a body covered by the tarp on the sidewalk. we're being told this is a service worker with a utility company who was apparently shot early this morning. we, again, have calls put into the san francisco police department. we're also calling the local utility companies as well, trying to get more information. as soon as we find out more, we'll obviously bring you an update. we're live in san francisco, alex savage, ktvu news. ktvu tara mor areaty has the latest. >> reporter: you can see where the person with a white car
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slams into a utility pole. miraculously she walked away without a scratch. it snagged wires and pg&e is out here because they had to shut down power since those were hot. the woman was driving northbound on washington avenue when she veered off the road and hit the pole head on. because of the danger of live wires, pg&e cut off power. one of the businesses, nick's family restaurant. customers were sitting inside and now they're eating in the dark. >> we're just going to have to wait for the power to come back and let some people go without paying. >> now, i'm standing over this high voltage area. this is the hole they had the go in to shut power off. we can see there's a couple of
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lanes blocked off here. pg&e crews say they're taking their time cleaning up this accident. they expect to be out here for several hours. folks are advised to take washington avenue. avoid 238. you can take marina boulevard. the female driver has been arrested on suspicion of dui. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu news. an oil recycling facility, evergreen oil, the alameda county fire department says some sort of chemical reaction caused the lid of a drum to pop off. investigators say six other drums nearby were sitting at a warmer than usual temperature.
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those drums were cooled off and separated. >> anytime there's any kind of incident with hazardous materials, it's always looked at. as of right now, there was no threat to the public, no problem got into the storm drains. ice very well contained. >> one year ago at the same facility, a large explosion injured one employee. evergreen has been fined by the state at least ten times for odor releases. the santa clara crime lab will -- the search for missing morgan hill teenager. yesterday, an empty box was discovered that was labeled stainless steel handcuffs, con condoms. these are a mile away. >> it's disturbing. it's something close to home. you hope it is connected, you
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be you hope it is not connected, maybe evidence to find her. >> investigators do not know if the latest discovery is related to the girl's disappearance. he disappeared three weeks ago. later today, the sheriff's office in san joaquin county, a death row inmate led investigators to an abandoned well where authorities discovered hundreds of human bones. the coroner's office has identified more of those remains through dna testings. the details will be revealed during a news conference today. antioch high school is on high alert after reports that a girl was sexual assaulted right on campus. the alleged attack took place at deer valley high yesterday afternoon. police were called to the school after receiving reports that a girl was sexual
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assaulted in a campus bathroom. investigators are looking into details and they're interviewing witnesses. we learned of an arrest overnight in connection with a shooting at berkeley. now, investigators tell us it may have started with an argument between to groups of men. multiple shots were fired. we counted at least 19 evidence markers. right now there's no evidence about the shooter and police are still interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance tape. the man suspected of stabbing another man at a san francisco occupy camp is now in custody. now, the stabbing happened sunday night on market street in the financial district. san francisco police say the unidentified man stabbed 28- year-old brian boston reed. now, 32-year-old nick shaw is credited with taking him into custody. the suspect within back to the -- went back to the camp
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yesterday morning. he performed a citizen's arrest and held the suspect until the police arrived. the stabbing victim is still in the hospital, but he's expected to be okay. ktvu news has exclusive details in a possible motive in san francisco's mass murder case. the five killings may be tied to march madness gambling debt. that story is coming up ahead at 4:45. time right now is almost 4:38 and michelle obama begins a visit to the bay area today. she'll appear at a campaign fundraiser at the academy of sciences in san francisco. ticket prices start at $1,000. tomorrow michelle obama will attend a -- in alameda. ashley larkin was part of the first generation of women to join the coast guard. well, are you ready?
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the largest lottery jackpot in world history is up for grabs tonight. expect long lines today for mega millions tickets, like this one in san lorenzo. it's now worth $540 million. it's likely to grow before the numbers are picked. the numbers 06 matching all six numbers are not good. 1 in 6 million. i've heard if you pick your own numbers you have a better chance. >> really? >> yeah, okay. that's what i hear. >> dave and i are talking about it over here. dave doesn't think 500 million will be enough. >> for all the charity work. >> exactly. good morning, pam. happy friday. i hope you're in a good mood. the traffic may put you in a good mood this morning for the most part. we're off to a good start here. this is a look at traffic moving along in oakland and it's moving well in both directions. also, the morning commute looks
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good if you're westbound on the bay bridge, a small delay on the toll plaza with no major problems. it's light so far. 101, 85 and 17. 4:39, let's go to steve. >> a miracle march? i would say so. so march and we're going to go out as a lion tomorrow, which will bring rain. now, this system has been pretty good as the last system comes in, looks like there will be another one coming in tuesday night to next week. so far this month, it's been good rainfall. we picked up some rain and not far away from san jose there's been a lot more. but up north they've had a lot of rain. there's more rain moving through right now. towards sacramento, a little bit of light rain associated with this moisture that continues to stream in from the northwest. north bay, maybe some light
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rain. you see on storm tracker two, that's all there is. it's working its way through. projections for rainfall tonight into saturday night, another two inches to the north. lesser amounts, but, still this will make it saturday morning. it's hanging around toward the north coast. 50s on the temps, another mild start and the farther south you go, the more opportunity for sun. too many clouds and cooler temperatures towards the north. the system has a lot of temperature with it. it's going to start sliding south and lift before it drops out. that will occur today. partly sunny but clouds and the possibility of rain to the north. patchy fog, mild to warm on the temp. 60s to low 70s. again, if you're north, too many clouds. if you're south, more sun. rain moves in saturday, clears out sunday. monday looks okay. next system arrives tuesday into wednesday. >> thank you, steve.
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it's a story you will only see on 2. oakland's new crime fighting plan. also, every move you make on the internet is being tracked. one silicone valley giant wants to change that. >> good morning. san mateo bridge looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay weather. isn't just fighting for air.
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we're fighting for all the things that make it worth breathing. join us in the fight at welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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it's 4:44. ktvu news has exclusive details about the murder case. binh thai luc is accused of killing five family members one week ago. now, a police source tells us that the killings maybe directly tied to large sums of money in march madness bets. now, meantime a judge settled an important legal dispute in the case. yesterday she ruled that a public defender's office cannot represent him because they represent his brother. >> the people have indicated that mr. brian luc may be called as a witness. >> luc's arraignment has been called off until next week. it's a story you will only see on 2. our investigation is
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raising questions about oakland's 100-block plan. now, the city confirms the police department has not devoted any special resources to the crime fighting strategy. major jean quan has refused to pinpoint the exact block or whether there really are 100 of them. >> she has put out some graphics that show pretty clearly where they are. so i'm not sure why she's keeping them confidential. i don't think they're a big secret, particularly to people who are living there for a while. >> now, leaders have provided this map. take a look. it highlights general areas in the east and west parts of town. it's confirmed that there will be assistance in some of those areas. they've been involved for years. mayor quan could not be reached for comment, but the 100-block fan will focus on various agencies and not just local
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police. new this morning in france, 19 suspected islamic extremists are in custody after a major crackdown. nicklas sarkozy says authorities have confiscated several weapons, including ak- 47 rifles. today's arrest come after killings in southern france. one involved a man who claimed to have radical islamic views and links to al-qaeda. time now, 5:47. the house budget committee chairman is expected to endorse mitt romney. his endorsement would be a boost to romney's campaign, coming days before the wisconsin primary. romney is campaigning today. ryan has been mentioned as the possible vice presidential candidate. rick santorum brought his campaign to the bay area
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yesterday. they appeared in alamo. he compared himself often to ronald reagan, a well known jelly belly fan. >> i supported the reagan idea of limited government and giving everybody in america the opportunity to provide for themselves. >> now, today santorum joins the other candidates campaigning in wisconsin. despite vehement opposition, the oakland school board will close five elementary schools this june. >> that's unacceptable. >> teachers, parents, students urge the district to reconsider its decision. the board met yesterday afternoon in an unplanned meeting because a protest shut down the regularly scheduled session wednesday night. ten people were arrested. now, here are the five schools slated to close. lakeview, police sere, marshall park and santa fe. people in the bay area facing
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deportation may get a temporary reprieve. starting in june, a court in san francisco will drop all of its low priority cases. this will only affect illegal immigrants who have not committed a crime and have strong community ties. still, those people will not get legal residency or citizenship and they could still face deportation down the road. minimum wage workers in san jose are a step closer to getting a raise. petitions were turned turned in with 30,000 signatures to city hall. if there are enough signatures, the plan will be put on the ballot and voters get to decide if the minimum wage goes up to $10 an hour. that would be a two dollar increase. best buy plans to close 50 stores around the country. they're not saying where those stores will be or when shell shut down. best buy say it's being hurt by
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shoppers coming into the store to shop for products but then buy them for less online. confidentiality information was lost during a disaster drill involving california's child support system. information includes addresses, health insurance providers, and social security numbers. four computer cartridges were not properly secured and may have spilled out while they were being transferred by ups. a silicone valley company is taking a step that looks like a move towards privacy. yahoo announced it will launch a do not track tool sometime this summer. users will be able to track a box telling users they do not want to be tracked. >> firms make their money by tracking you, so when anyone says we're going to put in place a do not track, it probably means they have a work
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around. they're going to get the information some other way. >> yahoo says it's more accurately do not target for advertisements. yahoo will still collect information ant users gender, age, and location. backing down from a plan to cut thousands of tries growing under high voltage lines. mo th 100 pg&e customers packed a meeting to say they opposed the plan to cut down the trees. they needed to clear-cut to avoid fires in a blackout hazard. pg&e said they would send letters outlining its new plan about tree removal. right now it's 4:51, a bag of treasure pulled from lake merit. the young group that made the discovery and the items they found. >> also, a toxic ride. the mishap on a school bus that had these children itching and scratching.
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it was a scary day for a group of bakersfield school children. their bus was hit by pesticides from a nearby crop dusting plane. he skipped the next stop and hazmat crew was waiting for the kids. all of the children are expected to be okay. a bag full of treasure. that's what a group of sixth graders discovered in the water of lake merit. the children were on a volunteer cleanup mission when they found a heavy bag underwater. inside, jewelry, coins, silverware, other valuables. kids had a suspicion the items maybe stolen, so they handed it
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over to police. well, instead of fearing the beard, virgin america wants you to fly the beard. the airbus a320 features brian wilson's beard on the front there. keep an eye out for the plane. if you see it and tweet a picture to virgin america, you could win a free flight or giants tickets. very nice. 4:54 is the time right now. back over to sal. hopefully the commute is a good start? i hope so. i want to see the look of dodger fans' faces. san leandro, a crash overnight where a woman driving this car ran into a pole. the wires were live for a
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moment and a lot of people were without power. that woman was subsequently arrested for dui. now the street is still partially closed with pg&e cruise on the scene. no one was seriously injured. after seeing that, it's kind of a miracle. again, washington boulevard, san leandro are going to have closures there. let's look at interstate 80 southbound, it's moving well headed up towards the coliseum. and this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza, nice looking drive. no problems getting into san francisco. the weekend forecast with steve. thank you, sir. we have rain to the north. little band is skirting right by sacramento. it's holding up there. right rain at blue canyon. this is a plume of moisture in northern california. for us, it's going to lift a little bit. rain to the north and more sun later today. partly sunny, partly cloudy, and mild to warm. this system moves in tomorrow and it's a warm system that
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will deepen and crank up the wind starting on saturday. rain develops late tonight and more likely early saturday morning. here is a little piece of energy coming through. not a lot but a little bit of light rain stretching over to napa county and santa rosa. the system will have a teeter totter effect. a little more sun to the south. the cloud cover will hold to the north. 51-54. another mild morning. the afternoon highs,ing see the cool air will be bottled up, 70s showing up to the east and south. it's going to be a mild to warm pattern. tropical feel, the system will start to work its way toward us and rainfall looks decent. this will be in the saturday and early sunday morning. i think an inch plus to the usual suspects. partly sunny, mild to warm for many. cloud and rain holding on to
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the north. 60 to 70 degrees. big difference between santa rosa and san jose. rain and wind move in saturday. we cleared it out on sunday, nice on monday, next system arrives tuesday and wednesday. happening right now, a damaged power pole is creating quite a mess for pg&e crews this morning. take a look at the work going on. the car accident that created the problem. developing news out of san francisco as well. police are investigating a homicide in the financial district. the unusual detail? who the victim is. we'll be right back. a
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